Interests, Projects, Travels and More

About SemperKeith

One of the first things you will notice is that I am old, well into the decade of the 70's. Although I can account for the time, it sure seems like I arrived at this age much too quickly. I am nothing special, just a regular guy that grew up, has a family and had a career and I have a lot of interests, (including web design) in fact, I have too many interests for one lifetime).

Why do I have a website?

Although it may seem like am "tooting my own horn" by having a website, this is far from the reality. The reason for my website is to have an opportunity to present the saving, Gospel of Christ. To me, this is the most important thing in life and in fact, the whole reason for human life. It is our time to choose to acknowledge our Creator, the God of Israel and submit to His way to save us, or not. As these web pages float on the "internet sea" who knows who will come aboard, perhaps enticed by some of my interests and travels.

If this is you, please consider that Jesus said: "No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day. Maybe this is why you are here on such an accidental page. Perhaps God has drawn you to this information to save you. If you think this could be a possibility, please take it seriously.Otherwise, I hope you enjoy some of my adventures.

As far as the name, "semperkeith" there is big mystery here, semper is Latin for "always." Perhaps you have heard the word semper before as in "Semper Fi" which means "always faithful" and is the Marine Corps motto. Since I am always "Keith' I thought it was a good fit, simple and to remember. While you're here, I hope you will be challenged and blessed.

Projects and Interests

From motorizied bicycles, motorcycle trailers to leather-work and sewing I have some many interests and so little time. But, here are a few of my favorites.


I.D.F. Volunteer

I volunteered to work for a month on a couple of Israel Defense Force bases. It was an excellent experience. Info for those who may be interested.


Motorcycles Travels

I have been blessed to have traveled all over America and the Middle East and I have stories to tell and destinations to recommend.


Gospel of Christ

Through a lifetime of study, exploration and just plain old living life, I believe the Bible is true and I Believe and trust God's way of saving mankind.


Mid-east Travels

Diving for artifacts where the Jews crossed the Read Sea, visiting the ashen remains of what is thought Sodom and Gomorrah.


- Changed lives -

Life can be like walking in a mine-field after dark, things happen. Read about made it back after treading dangerous ground. Stories of hope.


Miscellaneous Interests

Airplanes, Pugs, Cabins and more, oh my!


Are You Heaven-bound?

Are you on the right track to make Heaven your final destination? Take the quiz and you can know for sure if you qualify, or not.


SemperKeith's Blog

I am bogging about what I have learned through studying the Bible "breaking down" the details of God's Plan to save us" into easily digestible bites.


My Amazing Career

My career with Cal-Fire, California's State Fire Department started in 1969. These photos capture some of the situations I encountered during my 34 year career.


My Leather Hobby

I first purchased leather and leather tools in 2021. Since then I have really enjoyed making things out of leather and learning more about the Craft.