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American Thinker

American Thinker is a daily Internet publication devoted to the thoughtful exploration of issues of importance to Americans. Contributors are accomplished in fields beyond journalism and animated to write for the general public out of concern for the complex and morally significant questions on the national agenda.

This news source. If there is anything important going on, it will be on the Breibart and often, there will be news of political interest that you won't find elsewhere.

I Recommend These
Wimp.Com posts five or so "family friendly" videos of well, you never know. One thing for sure though, they are always interesting.


Roadtrippers is simply amazing. It is the planning answer to the road-trippers nightmare: driving unaware, past something you would really like to see or do. This free resource, lets you pick a beginning and ending point and then, you can select how many miles off your route that you want to search for the kinds of things you are interested in. An amazing tool, click on the icon.

Calvary Chapel Philly

Have you ever set out to read the Bible but you didn't get far? This is a great resource that can really help. Pastor Joe Focht is wonderful to study with, his insights will make the Biblical messages understandable for you, and how they apply to your life right now. There are also handy phone apps available for I-Phones and Android. Don't know where to start? I recommend the book of John. .

Motorcycle Road-trip Journals PDF Downloads

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Our Precious Pug, Lily

Lily came to live with us on January 1st 2012. My wife and I traveled on that cold winter day to Klamath Falls, OR, where we picked up the newest member of our family. She was really small and so full of energy. She has been with us a year now and she is fully adjusted to our routine. She knows several tricks and has only a few bad habits. Just last week, she ate one of our grandson's socks and it took a couple of days before she vomited it up which we were hoping for. In general, Lily fits into our routine wonderfully, a trait that Pugs are known for and we really enjoy an love her. (hover cursor over image to freeze).

See  Lily's  Bedtime  Video »

My take on the Purpose of Life pdf version for printing.


Falling Plates - An excellent 4 minute breakdown the Bible's overall message

For the believers in evolution, life is really pointless and devoid of purpose and lacking a source of ultimate morality.  Personally, my intellect just cannot accept that all the order I see in this world is something assembled "by nothing except pure random chance." The DNA code that is in each of the cells of our body, not only includes the instructions of how to construct a particular body part or organ, but also, how to build the bio factories that make the various parts. Meanwhile, evolutionists are trying to convince others that these coded instructions all came from nothing, sorry, I just find that too difficult to believe. But, in the greater context of philosophical thought, we are indeed free agents and anyone is free to believe in evolution,(or anything else for that matter) whether or not it makes sense.

Regardless, when we are born an invisible countdown to our physical death starts, so, for the believer in evolution, since there is no purpose to our lives or even a source of morality, why not live a life seeking as much power, pleasure, and material wealth as possible. Everyone else around us are in the same boat, and, while they may be blessed with talent, wealth, or both, there is really nothing on a cosmic scale that makes them anymore important than us, and when we die, we die and that is the end of it. The only trouble is that there is nothing in our life experience that confirms this. In our personal beginnings, we just kind of popped into this existence regardless of our personal desire to participate or not. Worse than that, we had no say over anything regarding anything surrounding our birth. Male or female, black or white, tall or short, rich or poor or where on this earth we were born, we simply had no input. So, how is it reasonable that we will have some sort of say about what happens after we die?

For those that believe in a Creator, it is natural to conclude that we were created for some overarching purpose, and for millions, the answers are found in the Bible, a collection of 66 books written by 40 different authors over thousands of years. What sets the Bible apart from other writings regarded as holy, is that even though the Bible was written by so many authors, there is one overall theme that threads its way through the different books, and that theme is the redemption of mankind. The Bibles message broken down, is basically that:

  1. We will all live somewhere eternally, because after this mechanical body dies, we will continue living in bodies designed for eternity.
  2. We are created for an eternal loving friendship, in the presence of our Creator in fact, adopted into His family.
  3. Our Creator's nature is completely righteous, without sin and He has an "exacting righteous standard" that sinners cannot, and will not, be allowed in His eternal presence.
  4. The Bible says that God's eternal kingdom is one where there is only good, similar to if all the good that takes place on this earth was distilled out and set in one place. This goodness and perfection effects all aspects of God's Kingdom so everything contained within His Kingdom will be completely righteous and good. No death, no separation from loved-ones, no thieves or other lawbreakers, no locks on doors, no chains on bicycles. Everyone you meet wherever you travel in God's reclaimed habitat, will be part of your own loving family.  Those that buy into the simplistic notion that an eternal existence in Heaven is just sitting on clouds playing harps for eternity, are really selling Heaven short. We will certainly have a much more fulfilling and adventurous life than anyone has ever had here on this good/evil earth, because our Creator is an extravagant Creator, as we can see by all the wonderful, "off the chart" aspects of  His creation here that we see and appreciate. If you don't know what I am talking about, think about the starry skies, or, Yosemite National Park, or, the myriad of fantastic animals on land and in the oceans.
  5. The Bible says that compared to God's righteousness, all people have missed the mark and disqualified themselves for being in the presence of the Holy God, and their sins have proven it. If you ever have stolen something, lied or lusted, you are a sinner and are completely disqualified from residing eternally with the Holy God. Once a person has sinned, there is nothing, he or she can do, to remove the sin. No amount of self-flagellation, or good deeds, can erase the stain of your trespass, and that is really bad news to those that try to fix the problem themselves.
  6. The Bible says that God's judgment is perfect, and we can take solace that every unrepentant child molester, murderer, and rapist or lying politician, will be judged and be rejected for God's eternal Kingdom. The problem is that in God's economy, when it comes to sin,  there is no sliding scale, no grading on the curve, one lie disqualifies a person as much as murdering someone would. While this seems so different than mankind's way, this exactness really shows some of the genius of God, because the cure for the simple liar to become righteous with the Holy God is the exact same cure for the murderer to become righteous.  Therefore, salvation is not out of reach for anyone, no matter what they have done. God judges the thoughts and intents of a persons heart, which is the center of their intellectual being, so, every rebellious thought and deed will be known.  Since God judges the heart, there is just no chance that the Creator of the universe will be "played" by one of His creation making excuses; God's wonderful love and mercy simply won't be tread upon.
  7. So, since we all are sinners, we are all doomed? Is this right? No, now we are getting to the good part.

Understanding that mankind is helpless to become right with Him, God, through His prophets, told that He would provide for our salvation, long before He did it. The sacrificial system that God prescribed for the Children of Israel as a temporary covering for their sins, provided them an object lesson in that only through the death and blood of an innocent perfect animal, could their sin/s be covered. The concept was the substitutionary sacrifice, where an innocent stand-in, took the punishment in place of the evildoer. While instructive and effective for those acting in faith to participate in the sacrifices, the arrangement was temporary because in due time, God would send His only Son, Jesus, to this sin filled world, where He would willingly lay aside His royal glory and power, and live in a human body so He could be the perfect sacrifice, that would remove the sins from those that would believe and put their trust in Him as their personal sin barer. Instead of an innocent animal being sacrificed for a man, now mankind could be redeemed by the death of a completely sinless man, God's only Son, Jesus.

The ancient scriptures clearly spelled out what God's Suffering Servant would experience and accomplish. How He would be born in Bethlehem, and prove His divine nature by healing the blind and lame and how He would be perfectly innocent and righteous, yet, killed as a criminal being whipped, spit upon, mocked, having his beard pulled out and finally, executed, in one of the most painful methods known, crucifixion. He, Jesus, even had a crown of thorns on His head which symbolically represented God's curse of the world from Genesis 3:18.

Step back for a second and consider how God the Father felt, when Jesus was on the cross bearing the sins of the world. What did God do? He had no choice, He turned His back on His only Son. How do we know that? When one reads the gospel accounts and what Jesus said, He always referred to God as "My Father," but, while Jesus was on the cross, He said, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" The relationship had clearly changed. Also, consider for a moment how God the Father felt when His only Son, whom He loved, was being tortured in this sin sick world? Just like an earthly father, His heart was broken. Why would God do this? Because it was the only way that we could be saved, because God's perfect justice, demands that sin cannot be "shined on," justice has to be served. I think it is reasonable to see this sacrifice of Jesus as an extreme measure. God has gone to extreme measures to save us, so, how do you think it will go on judgment day when anyone tries to present a case for their salvation by some other way than the way that God provided? What a slap in God's face when people think they can save themselves through some other way. Jesus said it in John 14:6,Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. "In John 15:13, Jesus also said: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  First Jesus said it, then he did it.

God's did this "extreme measure," because He loves us and He wants everyone to be adopted into His eternal family. The question is, do we believe and trust God and accept His method of salvation by believing and trusting in Jesus as our substitutionary sacrifice, or not.

Whether or not we want to be adopted into God's family is our sovereign choice. This is because love can only be love if it is done willingly of a free will, otherwise, it is slavery. Throughout our lives, God knocks at the door of our hearts by using circumstances in our lives, where we have opportunities to hear His small, still voice saying, "I am here, please, please trust Me, let Me adopt you."

We are here in these temporary mechanical bodies in which we take in information through our senses, and along with our brains, use our arms and legs to do stuff. Here on the earth, we are exposed, both internally and externally, to good and evil influences. Thoughts, both good and evil, come into our minds and daily and we have choices to make. Do what is right, or, what is wrong. Along with this, we have a conscience that for the most part gently reminds us of what is the morally right thing to do in any circumstance. It seems that, mankind in general, will be just about as evil as he is allowed. In this good and evil environment, when it comes to God, there is really only two ways to go. Either we are people that are looking to their Creator and wanting a relationship with Him, or not.

I encourage you to accept God's invitation and secure your place in God's eternal family. While many people struggle with the question of the purpose of life, for some, including me, the Bible completely answers that question, and understanding God's purpose for me, results in overwhelming peace in my life, even through the difficult times and drama. If you are interested in a bit of a quest to find your Creator, the God of the Bible.

If you think that somehow you are beyond the reach of God's salvation, watch this video.

Your adventure starts here. May God bless and keep you as you sojourn along in this world along with me.