VFI- Some of the Types of Work We Do

Moving supplies out of an old warehouse and into a new one. Taking a quick break while "pretending" to work. Organizing stretcher racks. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes, no end to them.
Cleaning up the volunteers  landscaped area. Many hands make light work. Litter patrol with three. The ampoule crew. We stripped these outdated glass ampoules out of their original cardboard packages for more compact disposal. We filled whole barrels with these things. The reason is because they required costly "special disposal" methods. Because of our work, the volume was reduced nearly 90 percent saving lots of disposal money.
The crew did this "stripping" for about a week. There they go! Working on the high shelf. Cleaning and organizing.
Unloading a truck. Manly men at work (and at least one woman). Yet more boxes! Enjoying the day doing litter patrol.
Checking first aid supplies. Oh, we also did some painting. Guess what color? Cleaning up the area. A brave face conceals a bone-tired body.