Us new volunteers assemble, awaiting our official rank (of a Sar El Volunteer) to be installed. One of the volunteers getting his official Sar El blue shoulder flashes. The main street in Zikhron Ya’aqov. Getting some information at a cemetery near Zikhron Ya’aqov.
A busy day in the neat town of Safed. Our guide having fun in Safed. Strolling through the shops in Safed. We enjoyed seeing some of the neat courtyards in Safed.
This is the view looking toward Tel Aviv from Old Joppa. We stopped at a nice Jerusalem overlook. Our guide explaining the sights at the nice Jerusalem overlook. We stopped for a rest during our walking tour of Old Jerusalem.
A wonderful look at the Western or "Wailing Wall." We gathered for a photo at the Western Wall. Time for a prayer at the wall. On Independence Day, we participated in the base ceremony.
As part of the Independence day recognition, we volunteers were honored to take turns guarding the symbol of the "eternal flame." Protectors of the flame. One of the evening lectures, this one is about what the different colors of berets mean. In an informational lecture, the madrichot showed us all the work required to service and maintain their weapons.
We participated in a base inspection and important announcement by I.D.F. Officers. On an optional tour of AKKO. These balls were used for catapults during sieges. Touring an old building in Akko. Heading out to the lighthouse in Akko.
During the 1948 war, this small French Renault tank was stopped where it still sits. Up on the Golan Heights where the city of Gamla was located. Known as the Masada of the North, in 66AD, the Roman Army breached the walls and thousands were killed in the process, many died by jumping off the cliffs. Life blooms again in Gamla. The view into Syria from an unused observation point.
Instead of a fortification, it is now a coffee house although by now (2014) it is probably a fortification again. Having a nice visit during the walking tour of Safad. Some of the volunteers were leaving early so we had a junk food party at the base. This is the wonderful Tel Aviv beach looking toward Old Joppa.
Nice view from the rooftop of the place I stayed at in the old city of Jerusalem. During Independence Day, we were taken to a military park to attend the ceremony. Great view of the Hula Valley. This place used to be a swamp but after a lot of difficult work, it is now a bread basket. We visited an Arab town within Israel. They were celebrating indepedence day like the rest of the Jewish population by displaying their flags.